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Interview with the director of IPS Konzalting Ana - Marija Špicnagel Ćurko was published on the portal The interview talks about the beginnings of the company, its development and cooperation, but also about the withdrawal of EU funds in the agricultural sector. 

Decisions and activities of IPS Konzalting represent a positive change in the company and can help other entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and realize their business ideas.  

The vision of IPS is to provide timely advice to clients on the possibilities of using EU funds and to provide support to clients in the preparation of project and tender documents. Also, it is of highest importance to us to develop a friendly relationship with our clients, on the basis of which we can offer the client transparent and honest advice tailored to his needs, whether it is to solve a particular problem or to increase the success of applying for their projects under EU tenders. When it comes to quality, we would definitely mention that our clients always come back to prepare new projects, while over 90% of new clients from the agricultural sector come on recommendation. Some of the favorite references of IPS and our partners include: Ghent University, HIPP Croatia Ltd., Zagreb Brewery Ltd., Agrolaguna dd, Slavonija Slad Ltd., Viro Sugar Factory Inc., Sisak-Moslavina County, Sunja Municipality, Nociar Ltd., numerous farmers, points out Ana - Marija for the portal.  

You can read the entire interview on the portal


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