Steps and documentation for opening Family farm

Family farm (OPG) according to  Family farming Law  is organizational form of a natural person farmer who, in order to generate income, independently and permanently preforms the activity of agriculture and related ancillary  activities and is based on the use of own and/are leased production resources, and on the work knowledge and skills of family members. 

The Family farm is a strategically important oranizational form of agricultural holding in Croatia and as such is intended only for natural persons and they have an option pf choosing to preform agriculture as main or secondary occupation. 

To open a Family farm you do not need to provide share capital, nor do you need to have the appropriate education, although if you want to apply for some of the tenders, the education of  the holder of Family farm will be important. To begin, it is necessary to determine the holder of a Family farm who is an adult elected member of the family, and is the holder of the rights and obligations of the Family farm. 

The Family farm can preform the following activities: 

  • Agriculture – the main activity of the family farm which includes plant growing, animal husbandry and related service activities in accordance with 01.1, 01.2, 01.3, 01.4, 01.5 and 01.6 NKD-a
  • Ancillary activities in agriculture – include cultivation and maintenance of land, cultivation, harvesting plants, keeping and/or breeding and use of livestock and in addition include ancillary service activities including preparation, packaging, transport, storage and/or marketing of theese products, services and rental. 
  • Ancillary activities on Family farm – include the production of agricultural and food products and items of general use on the Family farm, the provision of catering, tourism and other services and activities on Family farm.

Steps to start a Family farm:

  1. Open a bank (giro) account for a natural or legal person that is on holder of the Family farm
  2. The holder should submit the Application for entry in the Register of Agricultural Holdings in the APPRRR office
  3. Registration with the tax administraion - registration with the register of taxpayers or income tax payers (if applicable)
  4. Making a stamp at the time of entry in the Register of Taxpayers
  5. Croatian Pension Insurance Institute with aim to registering the start of taxpayers insurance
  6. Croatian Pension Health Institute with aimof registering the start of insurance
  7. APPRR issues a Decision on entry in the Register of Family farm and assigns a unique identification number - MIBPG while the the holder and members receive a family cars that is walid with ID
  8. Choosing a bookkeeping service - not mandatory, but certainly recommended


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