By joining  European Union, Croatian entrepreneurs, farmers, scientific research institutions, local and regional self - government units and representatives of the social sector have opened up numerous opportunities to participate in European projects and withdraw EU funds.

The most important funds related to overcoming the social and economic differences in the territory of the Union include the European Regional Fund (ERDF), Cohesion Fund (CF), European Social Fund (ESF), and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural development (EAFRD).

The vision of IPS is to sadvice clients about the possibilities of using EU funds and furthermore assist clients in the preparation and implementation of projects. Our team has a high success rate in the project application and a 100 % success rate of approved project implementation and finalization.

IPS has a successful collaboration with numerous experts in the field of finance, bookkeeping and implementation of public procurement procedures. With a goal of successful project preparation and development of a multidisciplinary consortium, IPS has successful communication with numerous ministries, agencies, advisory services, local and regional government units, associations and scientific research institutions.

IPS Konzalting can offer the following business services:

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scanning of available national & EU tenders

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checking the compliance of the project with the tender terms

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preparation of project & tender required documentation

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administrative support for project implementation

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project success

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assistance in the creation of a multidisciplinary consortium

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employees training on EU projects implementation

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management of the project's visibility activities

More information on the EU funds and tenders you can find on the following links

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European Fund for Rural development

The fund is intended for companies, trades, cooperatives, producer organizations and family holdings operating in agricultural production.         

The program defines 18 measures aimed at increasing the competitiveness of agriculture, forestry and processing industries as well as improving living and working conditions in rural areas.


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European Regional Development Fund

The regional development fund is intended for research centers, local and regional authorities, schools, small and medium-sized companies and associations.  

Activities include investments that contribute to the creation and preservation of sustainable jobs, investment in infrastructure as well as the development of the internal potential by supporting local and regional development and research and innovation.


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European Social Fund

The fund  is intended for non-governmental organizations, local and regional self-government units, private companies, chambers, SME's, social companies etc.

Activities are related to the area of employment, social inclusion, education, good governance and the segment of technical assistance.


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