INEMAD project

              Improved nutrition and energy management using anaerobic digestion 

              The project consortium consists of 13 partners coming from the academic community (UGent, AUP, DLO, FOI), Government Research Laboratories (ILVO-EV, LDAR), Associated Organizations of Local Authorities (SMP), Organization Sectors (BGBIOM) and several representatives of the economy (MSP - Soltub, DLV, BTG, IZES, Innova). Partners come from eight different EU countries including Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria. The participation of many countries allows the consortium access to and insight into a national and regional experience to perform duties of European importance.

              The INEMAD research project focuses on defining innovative strategies in optimization the use of energy and nutrition to achieve the sustainability of agricultural production. The guiding principle of INEMAD is the development of bio-economics by researching and promoting the recycling of nutrients by producing biogas - as a primary product and digestate - as a secondary product. Biogas can be delivered to the network and thus generates profits, but it can also be used on the farm itself. Furthermore, digestate is an organic fertilizer that can be used on agricultural surfaces and is considered an excellent substitute for mineral fertilizers.

              Project INEMAD fits into the strategy of sustainable development, "European Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy"  „European Knowledge Based Bio-Economy“, strategy „Europe 2020“ and „Lund Declaration“. It is expected that connect breeding livestock and crop production stimulate primary production, and at the same time soothe the impact of agriculture on climate change.  

              ​Project INEMAD in Croatia, among other things, resulted in the release of two manuals and biogas calculation tool:    

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              Biogas Manual

              provides an overview of basic information on the anaerobic digestion process, raw materials in bioags production and EU practice

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              Digestate Manual

              deals with bio-fertilizer from AD process and special attention is paid to the nutritional and economic cost of digestate

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              Biogas calculator

               allows farmers insight into biogas potential of farms and value-added renewable energy projects

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