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IPS Konzalting is a Croatian - Belgian consultancy company  specialized in the agro and food processing industry. To our clients we offer consultancy services, studies preparation and projects development as well as the application of sustainable technologies.  During the project preparation, our company cooperates with several Belgian partners. The consultancy team consists of experts specialized in agro production and food processing as well as EU projects application.



The expertise and dedication of our engineers to each project with an added value on their mind are what makes IPS unique. This is evidenced by the high efficacy rate for projects applied to EU tenders as well as for the quality  and long-lasting technological solutions.



IPS collaborates with 3 Belgian partners and our group employs over 200 experts from the field of agriculture, EU funds, applied research, financial analysis of business operations and sustainable technology solutions.



Our clients differ from the sectors where they come to projects that they want to realize and therefore our service is based on an individual approach. Our mission is to guide clients through the entire project life cycle (project idea - implementation).



Project preparation and approval is what our experts consider only the beginning of the collaboration since most of the work is hidden in the realization of planned activities. Our mission is to support clients in every segment of the project's implementation.



IPS collaborates with a wide network of international consultants leading to the fact that each of our consultations is based on a sustainable approach. We consider financial and technological sustainability not a trend but a necessity for the development of the 21st-century business.



Based on the longstanding cooperation with many universities across Europe, we can offer our clients the latest information on innovative technological solutions that contribute to revenue growth, product quality improvement, and business development.   

200 +

experts in the international  

group of consultants


years of experience 

in Croatia

100 + 

projects prepared 

in Croatia

20.000 +

projects prepared 

in Europe

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50 +

agricultural projects prepared in Croatia

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15 +

wastewater purification projects prepared in Croatia

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40 +

EU financed projects prepared in Croatia 

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5 +

renewable energy projects prepared in Croatia

Our group cooperates with over 10,000 companies.

Join us and let's make your company more successful.