About us

IPS Konzalting is a Croatian - Belgian consultancy company specialized in the agro and food processing industry. To our clients we offer consultancy services, studies preparation and projects development as well as the application of sustainable technologies.

There are four basic sectors in which we can provide consultancy support: agricultural consultancy, preparation and implementation of EU financed projects, planning and implementation of projects related to wastewater purification as well as consultancy on renewable energy sources (biogas).

IPS Konzalting started a business in Croatia in 2013 when an office in Sisak was opened. Since our company is part of an international group, we are proud of the fact that our team consists of consultants who are excellent and highly specialized experts and engineers. Thanks to our group knowledge, extensive and international experience and commitment, our consultants will give their best to make both your company and your project successful.

But this is not about us... This is about You and Your project!

Thanks to our partnership, our company cooperates with several Belgian partners - United Experts, Pantarein Water and Innolab.  We are confident that the key to success is cooperation as well as experience and knowledge exchange and therefore we gathered all the skills and experts required for successful project preparation in one company.

What does it mean for Your company?

In few words, this means that you will get full service (support in the development of the project from A to Z) within one company - IPS Konzalting. The task of finding the best experts for each of the segments of your project will be conducted by our consultants leading to significantly less stress and time consumption for you and your business. Furthermore, our consultants base advice on the sustainability of financial and technological approaches to the process of production/processing and finally provide you access to the latest and most relevant information regarding the implementation of technological solutions and project implementation.