Renewable energy sources

Sustainable resource, waste and energy management in today's European and world economy becomes a standard. With this in mind, the agricultural and food processing industry is increasingly implementing renewable energy sources that enable maximum utilization of existing resources and the creation of new added-value products from "waste resources".  

National and European legislative frameworks are continuously promoting the implementation of new technologies and the production of „green energy“ through various incentive measures, feed-in-tariff models and subsidies.

IPS Konzalting is aware of the importance of renewable energy sources for further development of the economy and has therefore paid special attention to the exploitation of biomass potentials and the development of biogas plant projects .

When providing consultancy support on biogas, IPS Konzalting works in collaboration with the Belgian partner Innolab, Numerous projects are the result of committed work, high business ethics and we consider it to be our best reference.

IPS Konzalting can offer the following business services:

preparation of business plans for biogas plants

laboratory analysis of biomass samples

determination of the biogas potential in biomass samples

the possibility of participating in research projects

advising on biogas plant start-up

optimization of existing biogas plants

Our expertise