Wastewater treatments

Thanks to extensive experience and international based projects, our engineers can support clients in the preparation and implementation of projects related to the construction of new & optimization  of existing  wastewater treatments plants. 

IPS Konzalting in cooperation with a Belgian partner Pantarein Water participates in the conduction of wastewater laboratory analysis, wastewater treatment plant designing, preparation of entire technical and architectural documentation, coordination of administrative procedures and performance of works, as well as monitoring of plant operation after the start-up procedure.

The optimal operation of the wastewater treatment plant is achieved by the combination of clever design and functional performance. Regardless of whether it is designing a new treatment plant or optimizing an existing one, our engineers always look for the best available technology that meets the specific needs of a client. 

IPS Konzalting and Pantarein Water are not patent holders or representatives of a particular technology, and therefore we can objectively view all the technologies available on the market and choose the optimal technical and technological solution in whose efficiency we are confident (e.g. pilot plants, lab testing sites, scientific research projects).

wastewater treatment plant data collecting

laboratory analysis of wastewater samples

wastewater treatment plant designing & dimensioning

construction & supervision during the construction of the plant

delivery of key process components

support after construction & online monitoring of the plant

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