Our team

The Team presentation intro

Ana-Marija Špicnagel


When preparing projects, Ana - Marija places a special focus on the economic and environmental sustainability of the business and the implementation of sustainable technological solutions.

After completing a multidisciplinary study at the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as internships at Lincoln University in the United States and in Belgium, she was dedicated to developing projects for the agro-food industry and the preparation of EU funded projects.

Barbara Đukić

EU projects assistant

Quickly after graduation at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb, Barbara joined the business world starting her training at IPS Konzalting.  

Her work experience includes cooperation with companies and family holdings for which she was administratively conducting the application process and implementation of projects submitted to tenders for PRR.

De Langhe Piet


Piet is specialized in the area of wastewater treatments for the food and textile - chemical industry and consequently for the construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.

He gained work experience in the Belgian company Waterleau and since 1999 he is the founder and director of  Pantarein Water - one of the leading Belgian companies for the construction and maintenance of wastewater treatments plants.

Meers Erik


Erik is a professor at the University of Ghent, where he is involved in researching sustainable technologies and recycling process of nutrients in modern agricultural production.

Erik has launched a series of agro-sustainable initiatives and organizations at the European level, coordinated numerous EU research projects and is one of the leading EBA and ESPP members.

Raymaekers Filip

Biogas & EU legislation expert

Filip is our expert for projects related to renewable energy sources as well as for the EU legislative framework in the agricultural sector and investing in renewable energy sources in agricultural production.

He has gained ample work experience, among other things, by working with UNDP and Belgian company  United Experts  as well as by participating in numerous EU projects and research groups

Willems Bernard


Bernard is our "biogas doctor" who has extensive international experience in optimizing the operation of biogas plants to increase it's productivity and profitability.  

Bernard's work experience started with the foundation of Innolab - today one of the leading Belgian companies for biogas plant optimization. France's subsidiary company has been doing business successfully since 2015.